Thursday, October 13, 2011

From The Far Side

"What we do is less than a drop in the ocean.  But if that drop were missing, the ocean would lack something." -Mother Teresa

So I guess that means that the mounds of laundry finally folded actually amount to something?  That the dog puke scrubbed out of the carpet has some kind of deep spiritual value?  And I suppose that me taking the boys' bathroom toilet seat APART and scrubbing it down with my bare hands contributes somehow to the beauty and depth of the ocean? 

How about one less drop of pee on the seat, boys!  How about time to fold your own clothes, daughters!  How about if the dog stops eating dead animals and starts chowing on that expensive, hypo- allergenic DOG FOOD.  I mean, the vet did promise that it would prevent her from scratching off her fur and eating her own paws.  Wouldn't YOU want to eat a food that promised that?  Venison and Potatoes!  What UP, Dog?

I know, I know...I should never write at night.

Venison and potatoes sound good,


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