Friday, October 14, 2011

A Happy Birthday!

The Kitten is nine years old today.  The baby.  She wears her "Hello Kitty" pajamas and lets me hold her for a bit on my lap.  I hold her too hard, and she says so.  What would this family be with out her?  The joy girl?  And did you know that her older sister prayed her into this life?  That as her dad and I kept trying to prevent more children from coming to us, big sister went to her knees.  Battling for the Kitten.  Crying out to God for a baby sister.  Getting everyone at church on board, and as I listened to her prayers, I would say to the Shoulders, "You better get in to the doctor or we are GOING to have another child.  Your daughter is talking to the Lord, and she is pounding the gates of heaven.".

I think the Lord likes to answer Sarah's prayers, and when the Kitten came to us, she was there in the delivery room.  That baby was hers.  

And I am so grateful that God answered.  That He knew that the Shoulders and I needed this one.  That our family needed this one.  That she came all fuzzy haired with a heart pre-wired for loving her family.  Giving this life meaning and purpose.  Giving this one heart wings.  I owe my daughter a great debt.

Thank you, Sarah.  for your prayers.  Happy Birthday, Mary!


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  1. How precious and priceless your little Kitten must be. Children are a blessing from God and you have expressed God's part in your blessing beautifully.