Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Temps High, Lovely

Peel off sticky pajamas, shower off fevered sweat and head out the door with camera.  I will find beauty in this day.  Just on our lane here.  Just in the ordinary.  Just remembering that all creation cries out the glory of God, when nothing in me feels like it is glorifying.  When my brain feels as if it's being gored by a texas long horn.  Headache.  Fever.

I find leaves and trees and sunlight.  Kids raking and jumping.  Last flowers hanging on to color.  Tire swing that sits empty, already haunting my heart.  Time going too fast.  The children growing too fast.  Moving on too soon.  Circular shadow swinging in the breeze under arching branches.

Just beauty in the ordinary.  Things I drive by every day.  Things I don't see because I see them all the time.  Lovely things.  The mail boxes.  The old truck.  The way the sun lights up every single leaf on every single tree.  Pumpkins and corn husks.  That desperate looking flag.  Just the fence.  The field.  Knowing that good neighbors are close, and feeling my heart swell with love for them.  One yellow leaf clinging to a wire all golden veined and glorious.  Oh, God, You are good!

Stop signs, and Slow signs...and they are all for me.  His voice speaking.  I woke in the deep last night calling out to Him.  Strange to find  myself lying on the wood floor in front of the sliding glass door wide open.  What?  "Get back into bed, Child."  I obey and shiver hot 'neath quilts of fitful, fevered dreams.  And how good the Lord is! 

Stop.  Slow. Yield....Rest.  And find beauty.  Even in fever calming flannel.  Even in laying down your head on fire.

Right there on His heart,


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