Tuesday, October 11, 2011

On Brass Rings

The Kitten got her glasses today, and the Shoulders took off work so he could be with her.  We took the camera and snapped time.  Held time.  This one so excited.  The thing that will make it more comfortable for her to read, and...that will make her look more like her friend.

Are we excited about looking more like Jesus?  Are we all pressing in, saying "LORD!  Change me!  I want to look like You, be like You, love like YOU."  Are we putting our spiritual glasses on in the morning?  Living fruitful?  Living right?

I confess.  Today was a dead day.  Was it something I ate?  The way I slept?  Thyroid issues?  My lack of prayer this last week?  Was it just...being human?  I have these days sometimes where I am literally with out life.  Can barely focus my eyes.  School in the fog with this giant frown on my face.  Thinking of this great lack of joy, and that my kids did not hear me laugh today.  And then I remember that I've not been grateful.  That I've missed the brass ring.  That I've not even reached for it.  Sigh.

Thankful now that His mercies are new each morning, and that His mercies are for me.  They are for you.  In the living days and in the dead days too.

That He might raise them,


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