Monday, April 16, 2012

Euchariste OH!

For the Psalms.
The way they understand.
And help us see the way.
The Kingdom Coming.
That the King is Coming!
Birds singing outside my bedroom window.
The robin building her nest once again.
A friend who brings ice and coffee and the gift of her friendship.
A sister on the phone sharing stories of the deep and helping me to get free.
My big brother's voice.
Prayer time.
Kissing that spot on his neck.
Telling the Strong Soft it's like lightning striking even at age 43.
The way she giggles at the thought...says she's glad that she's decided to wait.
So she can stay safe.
Me nodding my head and thanking God that she is wise.
Missing Joshua.
Fruit on The Boy's vine...finally!
Happy kids in the kitchen.
Cooking and baking and serving a dear friend.
Holding her close to me in my prayers.
Laying my head down at night.
Track Practice?
Ten girl push-ups.
Spring pushing up.
That His mercies are new.

Every.  Single.  Morning.


1 comment:

  1. Love this. So many good things from His hand. The birds have been singing loud here, too. Or maybe my ears have just been listening more? I imagine it's Him singing to me and I never want to stop listening. And always, those closing lines. Every single moment.