Friday, April 20, 2012

Living Room

They must think I'm crazy.
All these children, and oh my, the house is a wreck.
How the floor rumbles for their feet.
While we meet over coffee, our legs curled on chairs.

The house bursting with the sound of life.
All these beating futures here in my home.
Keeping a steady cadence.
Of Hope And Life And Hope And Life.
Making me want to shout joy right there in my living room.

Making room for living,



  1. Such imagery. I love mornings like this. Floor rumbles, great.

  2. Hi, is good to have floor rumbling days, yes? Thanks for stopping by, and blessings to you and your own rumbly floors. :)

  3. This is so beautiful. You opening your home, seeing all these kids as "beating futures" and hearing that rhythm of hope and life in the midst of all the chaos. You? Are beautiful. And I love you.