Monday, April 9, 2012

Resurrect Gratitude

A gathering of holy right there in our backyard.
The warmth of fire as we wait for the sun to rise.
SONrise service.
The Shoulders reading from Scripture and telling his precious story.
Fish and bread broken
For the broken.
For me.
A song going up high and bright.
The birds singing it too.
A blue heron's slow, low flight.
Her wings making shadows on the grass.
Hands reaching out to the lonely, and pulling them gently in.
To fellowship.
To love.
Sourdough pancakes served with homemade chokecherry syrup.
The dear man who pours and flips them all.
Words from my big brother read over and over and over again.
Kids playing in the yard and...
Sitting cross legged every which way in my living room.
Making this heart sing.
The song of the resurrected and the redeemed.
And this....
Especially this.
That Christ is Risen.

He is Risen Indeed!



  1. This is beautiful! Thank you. Your words here sing to me, they make my heart sing. My word for the year is Freedom - and I have a Freedom Journal. So I'm going to be back here to read and glean...

  2. Oh, Brianne...we are freedom fighters together. It is for FREEDOM that we have been set free, yes? Blessings to you and yours tonight.

  3. Feeling a bit of longing tonight, wishing I could have been with you for this beautiful celebration. Maybe someday? Yes. Giving thanks with you for what changes everything--the Risen Christ.