Monday, April 23, 2012


That He is victorious.
That His light shines in the darkness.
That He came not to condemn, but to save.
That He is love.
That He knows your name.
That He is always at work.
That He never goes to sleep.
That He is interceding for you.  Right.  Now.
That your name is carved on His hands.
That He wears you on His heart.
That He was thinking of you that day...
That His faithfulness reaches to the skies.
That His mercies are new every morning.
That His own creation testifies to His power.
That one day....Every knee will bow.  Every tongue will confess.
That He is Lord.
That His right arm is Righteous.
That He is humble.
That He is gentle.
That He is a God Who bends down to hear our prayers.
That He sings songs.
That He delights in His children.
That He can never tell a lie.
That His rod is a comfort.
That His staff is there.
That He is a good Shepherd to His dear sheep.
That He calls us His lambs.
That He calls us His friends.
That He is good at "Go Fish."
That He is the God of all hope.
That nothing is too hard for Him.
That His arm is not too short to save.
That He forgives those who sincerely ask.
That He gives the gift of repentance.
That He is the God of reconciliation.
That He is the Counselor.
That He is Mighty God.
That He is Tender Father.
That He is a warrior.
That He keeps us as the apple of His eye.
That He is close to the broken hearted.
That He is the healer of hearts and of nations.
That He is Good.

That He is God,



  1. That he forgives.....
    So appreciated and needed this afternoon.

  2. favorite thats...that he is such a good shepherd becaus us lambs are always getting into trouble...and my second favorite is that he is's good to have tender God...and I heart how it you ended it...He is good...He is God. God bless you Bernadette!!

  3. This was a much-needed list of reminders of Who He Is and why there is hope, no matter how hard the road. Thank you for filling me up with Him.