Sunday, April 15, 2012

Slow Pottery

When Jesus comes to this one heart.
Intimate Friend.
And speaks those words again.
"Pick up your cross and follow Me."
Walls rise up to protect.
The deep and the tender.
And I pound fists straight down on air.
Adult tantrum.
Knowing what Father asks.
And not wanting at all to surrender to His will.
Do you ever outgrow the no before yes?
Because I will say yes.
I will.
And since we've logged some miles together now.
I lay back soft in Potter's hands.
To melt with Him.
To be molded into the image of the living Christ Jesus.
Trusted Friend.
Tried and tried and tried.




  1. To melt and be molded... beautiful words here, kindred friend.

  2. He is persistent because He loves. He will keep asking because He knows how desperately you *need* to say yes to Him. Oh Friend. Lay it all down. He makes all things beautiful. And that last line? Yes. Tried and tried and tried. And still true after all the trying.