Monday, May 7, 2012

How Mamas Can Point The Way

My Mama pointed the Jesus way.

In the way she lit candles and invited everyone to converse around the warmth of her heart.
The way Jesus calls us all into the Light.

In the way she sang on her knees at night over my precious little brother.
The way Jesus sings over His kids.

The way she listened to every word after school.
And isn't Jesus just the best listener you've ever known?

How her hands kneaded the bread dough, and how my hands still need hers to hold.
How often Jesus spoke of Bread.  Broken Bread.

The way she would tackle and tickle, giving us the touch we didn't know we needed.
Jesus wrestled Jacob, giving him a humbling limp that healed him of pride, and how He still gives us the Touch we don't know we need.

Just that Mama loved all children, and the way that made me feel safe.
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me." 

Mama showed me Jesus' love because she loved me even when I was her enemy.  When I was casting stones and whipping her hard with my teenage tongue and...

When I was breaking her heart.

She loved me anyhow.
Like Jesus... My Mama loved me anyhow.

She showed me Laughter and Grace and Love and Safety while living with the most excruciating chronic pain, and she was always a Mystery to me that way.
Now I know that Love endures nails and thorns, and before I knew Jesus, I watched my Mama pick up her cross.  Every.  Single.  Day.

She created enough Mystery about the Love of Christ in her living that I grew past rebelling and started reaching.  Reaching for the One Sure Hand that holds all things together, and I wonder if she hadn't been mine, would I have just kept plunging head long?  If she hadn't been mine, what would have become of me when the storms blew in?  And this....especially this...if my Mama hadn't prayed for this one life here, would I yet be drawing breath?  Wasn't it just that close some days?

Sometimes I close my eyes and see her sitting sun-lit at water's edge, swatting plagues of horseflies and mosquitoes while I let cool river slide around summer swim.  I catch her eyes in my dreams, and they look so much like His.

Always watching over me.



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    1. Thank you for this, dear friend, and for walking this dusty land holding my hand. Much love to you.

  2. I just loved this! For a Mom to be all that Jesus is --- what more could we ask for in life???!!!! Thank you for sharing this! What a beautiful tribute to a precious Mom!

  3. Cora...lots of memories of my amazing mom on Mother's Day. Thanks for stopping in!

  4. What a special post. I liked so many lines, but maybe this was amy favorite: "She created enough Mystery about the Love of Christ in her living that I grew past rebelling and started reaching." Would you consider linking up on my new Blog Hop at Bible Love Notes? It's here:
    Thanks, Gail

  5. We have been truely blessed to have the parents we do. The foundation that carries us through....
    LPG (lemmon pie guy)

  6. Dear Lemon Pie Guy...

    We ARE blessed, and our parents have made us strong! I love you like crazy...wish we could meet since it's almost pie time, but I'm off sugar so what now? Broccoli at 3 AM? May it never be so!!! Big cyber hug to you.