Monday, May 28, 2012

When All Is Worship

"But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into His wonderful light."  1 Peter 2:9 

Almost thirty gathered close in this living room to worship God; to build Him a throne.  And I am one.  Won by this living Jesus Who loves to come close.  To be personal.  To give that resuscitating breath of life  to tired parents and kids so fried from passion playing that they're starting to crash all over the house.  His great pleasure hovers over us, and I smile so hard it feels like my face is going to split in two.  

Because all the work, and all the weary walking close together become like those piles of shoes kicked off at the door.  Everything put down to come worship Jesus.

Worship in the way we knelt down and prayed that the weekend would be all that He had planned.
The way we had to let go of the pouring rain.
The way kids laughed and played and plunged into freezing water anyway.
The way the Shoulders would hold my eyes to his.  Focal Point.  Helping me birth something new.

Worship in the way she brings all her lightness to balance my heaviness.
And the way melancholy meets my eyes in silent wisdom...her quiet spirit touching mine. Understanding.
The way we're learning how "to do"...together.
The way all those kids loved and prayed for each other.

Worship in the way our men met and chatted like high school girls.  WHAT??!!
The way my children, my brothers and sister in Christ, made music to the King so we all could enter in.
The way a blow torch made creme brule right there in my kitchen.
The way laughter rings the bells of heaven.

Worship in the way Jesus touches down.

Making all of life  and all of us...

An act of worship,



  1. doing life together. it's the way we're made. so glad you have such a sweet community. thanks for sharing today! blessings from Uganda

    1. From Uganda??? COOOOL! Thank you so much for stopping in and for the encouraging shout from a Believer so far away. Bless you! Bless you! Great encouragement for my soul!

  2. I love your words- you always paint such a beautiful picture - I so "get this" - are you starting a church in your home or just enjoying fellowship? Wish I could come fellowship with you! :) love you praying for your sons wives & then to be that kind of wife!! I've had similar convictions & I used to pray for my hubs when we were growing up!

    1. Brave Girl-
      Not starting a home church...just a desperate band of weary Believers wandering the desert lands of Billings Montana. Gathering for life, and oh, it was wonderful! Wish you could have been here too, but just the thought makes me smile. Praying for your husband when you were growing up? are some kind of rock star. Love you!

  3. Oh, yes!
    "Like highschool girls" made me laugh.
    That would be me and my small group from church!
    Worship squiished togather on old couches.
    Love to you!

    1. Smiling right back at you, girlfriend. Keep chatting it up...especially if the conversation is about Jesus! :)