Monday, May 14, 2012

Thanks For One

Happy Mother's Day to the friend who has mothered my heart these last weeks in her prayers and in her emails, and aren't we the surprised ones?  She writes words that untangle the knots in my know...all the "nots" and it is good to find out you're not alone anymore.  She doesn't have children, but she has rocked me gently in arms far away, and she has whispered great words of comfort even as my own words seem to be slipping away.  She has encouraged me and built me up.  She has given me gentle advice, and she has nudged me forward.  New ground yet, and my thoughts are of her this early the week brings the crushing rush once again in preparation for my daughter's graduation.

You have loved me well, dear one.  I am so thankful for the precious gift of you.

So thankful,


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  1. You honor me, Dear Friend, and I am humbled. What sweet joy to be called "mother" in any sense of the word, to know that I have loved you well even when we have never met. You encourage me to keep going, even when I feel small and weak, even when I feel like there's nothing left to give. I'll just keep giving you *me*, because it's all I have and because I love you. Thank you for everything.