Wednesday, May 30, 2012


What kind of King comes as a baby?
Birthed through fiery ring and into a stable for animals like us.
Like me.

What kind of King comes to give sight to the blind?
To heal the lepar, the demon possessed, the greedy, the lost.
The unloved.

What kind of King holds truth and justice in His hands?
Weighing righteousness and whipping market place crooks.
Sin Intolerant.

What kind of King shows love by straddling a cross for spikes through the achilles tendon?
Hands pierced by nails, side pierced with the sword, ears pierced by mocking jeers.
Cheers to You.

What kind of King endures that kind of humiliation?
The Creator of the tree and the thorns
He. Hung. Naked.

What kind of King beckons our hearts?
To acknowledge that we are animals in a stable born.
Sin Sick.

What kind of King offers us gifts?
Though we held the hammer.
Those jeers, our own.

What kind of King says, "Believe in Me and live."
Live now, live forever, live full.

King Jesus,



  1. This is stunning, Friend. "Ears pierced by mocking jeers." "The Creator of the tree and the thorns" "Live now, live forever, live full." As always, your words pierce straight through all my resistance, bring me to my knees again. Yes, what kind of King is this? The only One Who can save us.

  2. Mmm. Incredible. True. As always, beautiful poetry. Us, holding that hammer. So true. Thank you so much for articulating this.

  3. I am consistently amazed by Jesus, and the Gospel is the most miraculous story ever told. Oh, thank You, good and kind Jesus.