Tuesday, May 22, 2012

An Evening Walk With Girls

My girls and I walk down the lane.
A country road that leads this side of heaven, home.
We drink in His glory-fields of green and sun glinting off metal buildings setting them afire.
Every tree shivers life, and Sarah points to the bush forming a leafy tunnel around the irrigation ditch.
I tell her to walk through it to another land...the one I can almost see on the other side.
She laughs and shivers, "Oh, Mom, Yes!  That's really just what it looks like!"
We fall silent.
Feasting on our Creator.
Filling our souls with His peace.
A peace that passes all understanding and makes us feel full after a dinner of rice and water.
A deep, fat peace that fills the marrow in my bones, and restores my soul.
As little girl slips her not so little anymore hand in mine.
Our feet pass along the dusty road in holy silence.

Walking home,



  1. Beautiful, and so true! The words, the imagery, peace - wonderful poetry, wonderful story. Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Great Uncle Bill talked seldom of "stepping through the door" when he was fly fishing...into another world without any troubles or concerns. He even told me once that when he was with your mom looking at some tepee rings out in the middle of nowhere that he got off by himself and 'visited' with some beautiful indian women cutting up a buffalo and watched their kids swim in the river. He claimed they treated him in such a fashion that he thought he actually lived there!!

  3. This? Beautiful. Makes me ache a bit, just longing to walk beside you on a stretch of road and breathe Him right in together. Someday. Yes. Someday.