Tuesday, March 6, 2012


It is like this some days.
I wake already in tears.
At the story of the cross.
The Hero Who made a way.
For me to put my feet to the floor.
Walk on Wood.
Draw in Breath.
Live this Life.
Because He is Life.
The Light of all men.
And how can I live?
Anything but the undone life?
Ruined and Saved at the same time.
By a grace that consumes me.
Every corner of this soul-scarred life.
His only.
Oh, what can I say?
To reach the heart of Jesus Christ today?
To press this little love and fill the holes.
In hands that hung for me.
For us, dear friends.

Live Amazed,


1 comment:

  1. I love how you refer to God as the Hero. I have been needing that perspective lately, to remember that this hard story of life is really all about Him, that He's the rescuer, the superhero, the brave and true and righteous One. These are the words haunting me tonight: "the undone life...ruined and saved at the same time by a grace that consumes me." Yes. YES. Thank you.