Thursday, March 8, 2012

Open Prayers...Join Me?

This old chair with sun streaming through the windows turning the whole room on.  I close my eyes and let the Son shine on my face, and in my mind we walk through fields and fields of gold.  Our fingers gently caressing the tops of a whole harvest, and together Jesus and I pray for the lost.  For this one.  And for that one.  For my brothers and sisters across the globe who are sitting alone in the dark.  Lost.  Crowded by lies and pain and slavery.

We pray for them.

Children starving to death from lack of food all around the world.  Children here in America love starving and without protection and the teaching of the things of God.  Whole societies drowning in the flood of evolution and the wicked lie that they are just mud between Darwin's toes.  Cruelty that has stolen the hearts of God's children away from Him as they sit in school learning that they are nothing more than an animal.  Surviving in a jungle and wild with out a loving Father to protect them.

We pray for them.

For the persecuted church and for their families.  I don't know their names, but my heart is with them just now.  My spirit leaps at the thought of those suffering in chains for the sake of the Gospel.  For God's sake.  I hang my head in deepest pangs of mingled sorrow and pride.  Give them strength to endure, Lord.

Let's pray for them.

For those suffering chronic illness and pain.  For those trapped in beds of depression.  For their families too.  Grace and Peace.  Healing power of Christ.  And the acceptance of the Sovereign, and His perfect will and plan for His beloved children.

Can we pray for them too?

For the younger generations, Lord.  For those who cut themselves because it hurts less than the world somehow.  For the lie that beauty is achieved by starving yourself to death, or throwing your guts up into a dirty toilet.  For those enslaved to pornography and its shame chains.  God of heaven, we beg You to action.  Hurting hearts in great need, Lord.


Jesus is seated at the right hand of His Father.  Our Father.  He is interceding on our behalf, and friends, let us stir each other to prayer.  The harvest is plentiful.  The needs are great.

The time is now,



  1. Lord, hear our prayers.
    Let them be a fragrent offering to you, Oh God.
    Walk among us in our hurt.
    Hold us, pick us up when we fall.
    Oh God. Be real.

  2. This entry echos John 17 and I love it. Beautifully written. Thank you Jesus for walking with us.

  3. Encouraging, inspiring, raw, beautiful. Your heart for the hurting is clear here, and so very honoring to the One Who hurts for us all. Thank you for prayers. You have said it so perfectly--"the harvest is plentiful, the needs are great, the time is now." Praying with you, Friend.