Friday, March 2, 2012


All is quiet now.
And I am laying on the floor smiling.
Giddy for the time to be still.
More time coming my way.
Unless He returns for me.
For us.
You know...
The Hero of our story.
The One Who gathers us.
All up into His arms.
His LOVE surrounds.
Like the sound of that trumpet.
I think perhaps I've been straining to hear it today.
Watching the sky.
For the Prince on a white horse.
The Rescuer.
My friend Mark Martin ( hangs a note next to his bathroom mirror.
Perhaps today, the Savior will make His return.
Sometimes I wonder how He'll find me.
I always hoped it would be reading my Bible.
His Words.
But a close second would be this...
Just me smiling out into nothingness.

At all His goodness,



  1. mmmmmmmm

    poetry - I heart God poetry - I'm waiting too - want him to get here - but want so many more to know him before it's too late.

    My writing is kind of a hybrid between poetry and prose - it's only poetic because I read people like you Bernadette. Thank you. God bless.

  2. So beautiful--you giddy for this time to "be still" before Him. Your last three lines here brought me a burst of sweet joy. Yes. I want this, too. The yearning for Him, the resting in Him, the finding of strength in just "being" with Him. Thank you for writing so descriptively what that life can look like. You encourage me to keep seeking.