Monday, March 5, 2012

Thanks Again

The children and their friends sitting around a full table of good food and laughter.
My writing students.
The way the Shoulders meets my eyes with that smile in them.
Him reading eternity to us.
First generation finding its way to pray.
Second generation finding its own wings.
A daughter who has had enough of luke warm.
The boy beginning to bear some fruit.
Hard times for a mama's heart in learning to trust Jesus with theirs.
Little violinists playing with their tongues sticking out.
A girl named Sal.
My soldier son smiling over the tops of four cheeseburgers.
Holding the StrongSoft in my arms.
Rocking her still.
Shhh.  Hush little girl, little woman who isn't afraid to need her mama.
HIS face in my mind when I close my eyes.
Prayer Partners that bear the heavy burdens.
Falling back into the Body of Christ.
The Hope of the Risen, Living, Breathing, Coming-Again Jesus.

The Blessed Hope,


1 comment:

  1. Having read your words in my inbox just today...these bits of your life here mean so much more. How grateful I am for you letting me into your life across these miles and spaces. You are giving thanks in the midst of the hard. You are finding Him right in the crux of the burning, refining days. You are living out the Blessed Hope. And I am honored to share even a tiny piece of this life with you.