Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Disciples To Do List

Delight in the Lord.
Confess your sin.
Devour His Word.
Work with your hands.
Devote your life to Jesus.
Ask Him for help.
Praise Him for all He has done.
Thank Him continuously.
Meditate on Scripture.
Memorize it.
Sing to the Lord!
Teach your children about the things of God.
Don't wait on the concordance...just look it up already.
Stand on the promises He made.
Trust that He's the best at keeping them.
Get on your knees a bit.
Get still for a moment even if your hands are elbow deep in sink suds.
Let the teaching of kindness be on your tongue.
Love one another.
That's how all men will know you are His disciples.

If you love one another,


1 comment:

  1. I love how you've "book-ended" this poem with these two thoughts--delight in the Lord, love one another. Isn't that exactly how Christ summed up the whole of scripture for us? To love Him with everything we have and to extend Love (Him) to others?

    And I'm grateful for this reminder that "getting still" can happen even in the dish-washing moments of a life.