Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On Sacrifice So

That a God so big.
Would send a Son so humble.
To dye a death so excruciating.
For a girl so lost.
And a life so derailed.
With shoes so full of shame.
And a heart so full of the grave.
That it was so hard to receive.
The gift that was so undeserved.
The way He stretched His arms so wide.
And said.  "This is so finished."
Because God so loved the world.
That He gave is only Son so beloved.



a repost


  1. This? I love it. If I picked out my favorite lines, I'd be quoting the whole thing back to you. But the girl so lost? With the shoes so full of shame? And the struggle to accept a gift so undeserved? Yes. YES. This is me, too. We were sisters in that shame--and now we are sisters in His Grace. Oh, what gift!

  2. smiling...and slipping my hand right into yours.